February 2021 AmazeBox

First, a disclaimer! If you are a subscriber and you do not want a spoiler of what is in the February Amazebox, skip this post! I usually wait until the next month to post the contents so I don’t ruin it for people who like to be surprised. However, we’ve FINALLY gotten caught up on Amazebox subscribers, which means no more waitlist!! In light of this, I’ll be posting the current box’s contents so people can decide if they’d like to order that month’s box. If you have never heard of it and are wondering what an AmazeBox is, it is LimeLife’s subscription box. Its the ONLY monthly subscription box that contains professional beauty products. The AmazeBox will always include at least one full sized product. There is a $42 monthly fee and you can cancel anytime. There will ALWAYS be a higher value in the box than the monthly fee.

To learn more about the AmazeBox, check out this post. If you’d like to see what has come in previous boxes, you can type “AmazeBox” in the search bar and you will find all the other posts I’ve done.

Now that we got all that out of the way, lets see what came in this month’s box!

One thing I love so much about the AmazeBox is it is always themed, from the products inside to the box they come in! February is LimeLife’s birthday month so this month’s box was birthday themed!

The box always comes with a themed sticker, a product card with your products description, as well as a perforated quote card that you can pop out.

This month’s box came with THREE FULL SIZED products, and 2 samples.


Skin Polish:

This lemony fresh, nutrient-rich mask and scrub hydrates, balances, and reduces inflammation. Natural Jojoba Beads roll away impurities, as well as dead and dehydrated skin, so oils from Olives, Lemon, and Cypress can restore and protect your skin. Use regularly to balance your skin and unearth a youthful glow.

Masque of Zen:

This gentle, acne-fighting mask with Montana Clay, Tea Tree Oil, White Carrot Oil, and Cinnamon Bark, acts simultaneously against all the major causes of skin imbalance. Used regularly it will greatly improve the health of your skin, reduce acne outbreaks, and bring a youthful glow.

Full Sized Products:

Birthday Cake Enduring Lip Color

.LimeLife’s Enduring Lip Colors is one of our biggest sellers! This professional formula applies as a liquid and transforms to a matte, velvety finish with long-lasting, intense, opaque color. The color will stay on for hours without drying your lips out! The color is this month’s box is called “Birthday Cake” and a beautiful nude on all skin tones! Scroll below to see it on light, medium, and dark skin tones.


In this month’s box you also get a full sized powder, Bronzer #01. This is a beautiful bronzer that as just a touch of shimmer to it. Never overwhelming, this is a beautiful powder that will give you a little more color and dimension for lighter skin tones. For our darker ladies, this is a beautiful powder to add a touch of glow to your look!

Glow Drops

LimeLife’s NEW Glow Drops made their first appearance in the AmazeBox this month. The color included this month is the “Champagne” shade. Give your complexion a burst of radiance with coconut infused Glow Drops. This creamy illuminator instantly creates the appearance of youthful, hydrated and radiant skin while naturally illuminating the complexion. Use a few drops to highlight to specific areas of your face, or apply all over on its own or under foundation for an instantly healthy-looking, radiant glow.

These glow drops are valued at $38. The box is $42, which means you get the full sized bronzer, and full sized lipstick for $4 with FREE SHIPPING! The value of these boxes are insane!! If you would like to order your AmazeBox, you can do that here! Just to reiterate, its a month subscription, you can cancel anytime, and shipping on the box is free!

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Master List of Tax Deductions for Your MLM Business

Tax season is upon us! Even though the new year has just begun, here in the states, employers are required to send out their W2s by January 31st. Some people are anxiously awaiting their W2s so that they can go ahead, file their taxes, and receive their return. With this in mind, I wanted to provide a list of tax write offs for your network marketing business. My business, as you probably know, is LimeLife so on this master list you will see things specific to the beauty industry. If that’s not you, this list is still VERY applicable. You just need to make some modifications.

Office Supplies

This category is pretty well known but just in case you need a refresher, you can write off any office supply that pertains to your business. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Printer
  • Ink
  • Paper
  • Computer or Tablet (if you’ve bought it in this tax year)
  • Envelopes
  • Office decorations
  • Planners
  • White Boards
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Notepads
  • Staples
  • Paperclips
  • Label Maker

Tools for Online Marketing

This category is for people who market their products online, especially applicable for 2020 when a majority of our business was done on social media and zoom calls.

  • Lighting
  • Tripod for your phone or tablet
  • Any Zoom Fees
  • Scheduler App Fees
  • Internet Bill
  • Phone and phone bills
  • Any app fee for editing pictures (for example, I highly recommend Canva Pro)
  • Any stock photo fees

Parties/Vendor Events

As you all know, I represent a cosmetic brand so some of these items may be specific to the beauty industry. I listed them to help give ideas, but you can apply the sample principles to your business.

  • Signage
  • Makeup Applicators/tools/brushes
  • Samples to hand out
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Table Cloths
  • Food that is served at the party
  • Business cards that you hand out
  • Mirrors
  • Decorations for the party/show
  • Party favors
  • Prizes for home parties
  • Products that you display

Business Supplies

This can include a whole slew of products, essentially its everything that you have purchased to help your business.

  • Start up costs, like a starter kit or join fee
  • Blitz Cards
  • Business Cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Product organizers
  • All marketing materials like posters, brochures, business cards, catalogs
  • Go Daddy website name
  • Yearly membership fee
  • Monthly website fee
  • Tax Preparer fee
  • Training event ticket
  • Uniform
  • Business related banking fees


  • Travel expenses
  • Travel makeup trunks
  • Flight
  • Car rental
  • 50% of Food
  • Hotel stay
  • Gifts for Downline and Upline
  • Gas mileage (you can download apps to your phone to help you keep track)
  • Gas to events, deliveries, one-on-ones, meetings, lunch with potentials, etc.
  • 50% of Meals with clients or potential recruits


  • Stamps
  • Shipping labels
  • Tape
  • Boxes
  • Address label stickers
  • Label printers
  • Envelopes
  • Postage
  • Bubble mailers
  • Bubble wrap

Home Expenses

This category gets a little bit touchy. The government is very strict about what you call a home office. Just because you work from your couch, doesn’t mean that your living room is an office. You need to use the space exclusively for your business. Its very important to talk with your tax preparer, especially when it comes to this category.

  • Percentage of your home mortgage for office
  • Percentage of your property taxes
  • Percentage of your mortgage interest
  • Percentage of your homeowner insurance
  • Percentage of your utilities
  • Office repairs you’ve made throughout the year

Did I forget something? Leave it in the comments!

Hope this helps!

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New Year, New Opportunities! How to Make Money From Home in 2021

If you have been interested in making money from home, or starting “a side hustle” there has never been a better time! With more and more brick and mortar stores closing their doors and moving their inventory online, people are shopping online at an incredible rate. The market clearly shows that online shopping is the present and future. People shopping online has companies wondering how they are going to connect and relate with their customers. This is where social selling comes into play. Companies such as LimeLife by Alcone, have mastered the aspect of personal relationships equaling sales. With incredible products built for professional makeup artists and all natural skincare, you can be proud to recommend these products to your family and friends while earning a commission.

I have written several blog posts on the benefits of becoming an Independent Beauty Guide with LimeLife by Alcone. I strongly suggest that you check out this post where I outlined 15 reasons why you should become a Beauty Guide.

There has never been an opportunity like this to become a Beauty Guide.

Here’s How it Works!

Step 1: Chose your Starter Kit

Please note: the images below are just a representation. Starter Kit contents/shades may change with items of equal or greater value in an effort to enhance your business.

Step 2: Chose Your “Add-Ons”

Build-you-own or upgrade any starter kit this month only with optional “Add-Ons”! Add-ons are deeply discounted best-sellers and bundles of products that can only be selected at the time of enrollment, so don’t miss out!

Choose Your Add-ons:

Mascara Bundle

Includes: Perfect Mascara + Making Waves Water proof Mascara in Black

Exclusive New Enrollee Price:

$30 USD | savings of $14 USD

$38 CAD | savings of $18 CAD

Perfect Lip Gloss Trip

Includes: Perfect Lip Gloss in Believe, Dream and Grace

Exclusive New Enrollee Price:

$34 USD | savings of $20 USD

$42 CAD | savings of $30 CAD

Foundation Tester Palette

Includes: 10 Shades (light-deep) of our Perfect Foundation

Exclusive New Enrollee Price:

$70 USD | savings of $18 USD

$88 CAD | savings of $22 CAD

Sotoks and One Drop Wonder

Exclusive New Enrollee Price:

$68 USD | savings of $26

$86 CAD | savings of $32

Dew Confidence Body Oil

Exclusive New Enrollee Price

$40 USD | savings of $24

$52 CAD | savings of $28

Forty Cure Creme

Exclusive New Enrollee Price

$28 USD | savings of $10

$36 USD | savings of $12

Step 3: Complete the Online Application & Agree!

Available January 1st – January 31st, 2021!

Build-Your-Own Starter Kit FAQs

Is the cost of the Building-Your-Own Starter Kit the same in the US and Canada?

Yes, in honor of 2021 we’ve decided to offer the Build Your Own Starter Kit for $21 in both the US and Canada

Is there a shipping charge on the Build-Your-Own Starter Kit?

There is no charge for shipping when you join for $21 without add-one or select the Business Starter Kit or Silver Stater Kit. Should you choose add-one to build your own kit, you’ll need to add over $77 USD/ $97 CAD in product to qualify for free shipping.

Can I buy a full starter kit after I join for $21?

Yes! The full starter kits will be available in your back office for purchase from the day you start until March 31, 2021.

Should I pick this starter kit over the $169 USD/$212 CAD option?

It really depends on your goals. The more products you have on hand, the more strategies you can use to become profitable. If you are a strong customer already using our products, you already have quite a few products and this $21 option is great for you! You can use your personal stock to promote more products. It’s also important to remember, there are lots of pictures of products that you can use in our collaborative group. Don’t feel like you can’t promote a product if you don’t personally have it!

If I choose the Build-You-Own Starter Kit options, will I be treated like everyone other Beauty Guide?

Yes! Every Beauty Guide who joins us will receive access to the new on boarding units. These will help you get your business started on the right foot. We also have a “Go For It Guide” which includes 29 ways to get started with minimal products.

If I hit my Fast Start, can I use my rewards to buy the full starter kit in my back office?

Yes! You can use your points to purchase the full starter kit in your back office (we call it your Green Room) until March 31st, 2021!

If you’re ready to sign up, you can enroll here!

If you have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer them for you!