Brighter Together Foundation

The Brighter Together Foundation was established in 2017.

The purpose of this foundation is to foster the innate entrepreneurial spirit of women in the most impoverished societies around the world.

To serve this mission, the Brighter Together Foundation is a global partner with Project Concern International’s (PCI) Women Empowered (WE) Initiative.

This highly-successful, savings-led micro financing program teaches women how to:

• Start and build a business

• Save profits from that business, and then

• Combine the savings to create community-led micro financing programs.

• Be powerful leaders in their community

The WE Initiative does not give global female entrepreneurs funding.

It provides these women with comprehensive knowledge, training, and guidance to start and build their own successful business.

What makes the WE Initiative special is that they further train these female business owners to combine a portion of their profits.

This collection of funds provide education to young girls in the community, help other local women start their own businesses, and increase their economic, cultural, and political status.

Funding for the Brighter Together efforts come from rank promotion donations, sales of custom collections, and contributions from our sales field.

Our foundation passes 100% of its funding onto our charitable partner and 89% of PCI’s funding goes directly to entrepreneurial field training and support.

In its first year, The Brighter Together Foundation donated over $340,000 to the Women Empowerment program. I can’t wait to see the second year’s numbers because I KNOW we blew that out of the water! Also in the first year, our goal was to help train and develop 2,000 female entrepreneus in Tanzania, Burundi, Guatemala, and India. The amount of women we actually were able to help was approximatel 6,800!!!

If you want to join our efforts, you can send a donation to:

The Brighter Together Foundation

c/o Limelife by Alcone

5-45 49th Avenue

Long Island City, NY 11101

Shop our Custom Collections with the Brighter Together icon.

For every dollar you save, the company will donate a dollar to the foundation

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