How to Have a Spa Day at Home

With many people having shelter at home orders and other practicing social distancing, I think it’s safe to say this is an anxious time for us, worldwide. There’s lots to worry about and not a lot of opportunities to decompress. Since spas are considered nonessential and they are all shut down, I thought I would share how to have a spa day at home!

First, if you’re a mom, get hubby to watch your kids or wait until bed time. We love our children, but kids aren’t super relaxing 🤪

Once they are occupied, it’s time to set the mood!


Candles with lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint are great at helping you relax! I’ve put together some great options for you! A couple of the candles are from Target. Why I went there specifically is because if you use your Red debit card you get free 2 day shipping! I do think shipping times are wonky right now because of the pandemic but definitely something to remember for the future. Amazon is not your only option for fast, free shipping!

Chesapeake Bay serenity and calm / Aromatherapy Relax / Chesapeake Bay relax and restore /
Calm from Sonoma / Sonoma Eucalyptus & Mint Leaf

Take a Bath:

Now that we’ve set the mood, it’s time to run a bath. There are so many bath bombs on the market but PomBoms are my favorite! They are packed with Pomifera Oil, with is rich in antioxidants and Omega-6. These ingredients help make smooth, soft, and healthy looking skin and will leave you extra glowy. There are 4 scents to choose from, in this situation, lavender is make favorite to help relax!

Face Masks:

I love doing face masks! I do think it’s important to note that all face masks are not created equal. Everyone has a different skin type so it doesn’t make sense for everyone to use the same mask. It would not be good if someone with sensitive skin that breaks out often was to use the wrong masks.

I personally have regular to dry skin and I love the mask, Skin Polish! It’s a gentle exfoliant and a mask. It smells heavenly, just like lemons, but don’t eat it! It doesn’t taste as good as it smells 🙈 Its all natural. The exfoliant is Jojoba Beads and then oils from Olives, Lemon, and Cypress restore and protect your skin. Can you tell I’m geeking out over this one? The way I use it is a couple times a week I wash my face, then while my face is still damp I massage the mask on for about 30 seconds to exfoliate my skin. I then let it sit for 15-20 minutes, or whenever my show is over 😉

If you have sensitive and acne prone skin, I recommend Masque of Zen. It’s actually an acne fighting mask that is made it’s Montana Clay, Tea Tree Oil, Cinnamon Bark, and other goodies that act together to help the major causes of skin imbalance. When you first start this mask, to help with acne (it’s great for teen acne and adult acne) use it 3-4 times a week for 2 weeks to help clear out your skin. Then go down to once or twice a week.

Hair Masks:

Since we are not able to see our hair stylists right now, idk about you but I’m starting to get some major split ends! I searched on Amazon for hair masks and this Argan Oil Mask had 4.5 stars with over 8,000 reviews, and was affordable. I decided to try it. Disclaimer, I’ve only used it once but my hair felt smoother and less dry after my first use!

I hope that this post gave you some ideas for how to get a little self care in at home.

This too shall pass. Love you guys,

Mell 💋


First Weekend of April 2020

WHEW! March is over yall! We did it!! Now we are going to get through April, and when its over we are going to have the biggest parties, the tightest hugs, and we’ll be united in a way we have never been before. Until then, I’ve been trying to keep myself busy. Well, homeschooling three children plus two toddlers is keeping me busy than I know what to do with. We are on our last day of Spring Break so while we have had a break from that, I try to keep my hands as busy as possible. I’m trying not to watch the news constantly and just trying to keep everything positive for not just me, but more importantly my children.

We’ve done lots of stuff to try to keep us busy over this time, I’m going to make a post about it next week to share some of the things we’ve done, and I would love it if you all could share with us. We need new ideas!

One thing that I have been really good at doing is making myself get all the way ready every morning. Now that there isn’t school, I have time to do it before everyone gets up or during their morning cartoons. It makes me feel 1000 times better! I’m a firm believer in the better you look the better you feel.

Post Roundup for the week

Black long sleeve shirt / black leggings / chambray shirt / leopard sneakers (similar) / sunglasses
Navy and white stripe sweatshirt / jeans / shoes / sunglasses
Gray Sweatshirt / black leggings / house slippers / headband
Bracelet / chambray shirt / black jeans / leopard shoes

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See yall soon! Hang in there friends, we got this! 💪

Mell 💋


3rd Week of March

Hi friends! How has everyone been holding us since the coronavirus restrictions? Today is our 6th day of “self quarantine.” We have had some bad weather but were able to play outside a couple times and I’m so thankful for that! Life got really hectic once school was canceled because we switched to eLearning, online school. Now I’m homeschooling 3 and trying to keep the twins quiet. I’ve been a little more quiet than usual but still posting on my Instagram stories. A lot of us have to find a new normal until this is all over. We all need to give ourselves and others grace.

Sunglasses / Jacket (similar) / white T-shirt / Black Distressed Jeans / Booties

Toddler Leopard Shoes

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Have a great weekend y’all!

Mell 💋


First Week Of March – Playing Catch-up!

Happy Fri-Yay!! Im playing catch-up on my LiketoKnowit posts!

Leopard Cardigan / Black Shirt / Jeans / Booties / Belt / Glasses
Top / Pants / Mules / Pea Coat / Glasses
White Leopard Print Top / Black Pants /
White Mules / Gucci Dupe Cross Body Bag
Camo Top / Distressed Jeans / Plush Fleece House Slippers
Jean Jacket / Black Shirt / Black Leggings / Leopard Mules
Toddler Dress
Faux Suede Jacket / Black Long Sleeve Shirt
Distressed Jeans / Leopard Print Flats / Sunglasses
A couple pieces of my outfit I couldn’t find but I found similar pieces
Blush Pink Sweater (similar) / Jeans / Brown Booties (similar)
Brown Clutch / Brown Belt / Sunglasses

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See you next week, have a great weekend!

Mell 💋


How to Use Like to Know it

Woohoo, I’m back! The blog was down for around 2 weeks!! So sorry y’all! I do think we finally got everything worked out, so hopefully no more technical issues.

Per my last post, I’m now on Like to Know it…. or more technically, I love being able to share with you guys and now I can share outfits and it makes it so so easy for you to shop those looks!

What is is an app that you can follow your favorite bloggers and shop what they share. It could be clothing, home decor, or anything else they might share. It provides commission links for the blogger at NO COST TO YOU and allows you to shop their looks. It stream lines the shopping experience for you and shopping off the links helps provide for my family. Thank you so much for using my links! It truly means the world to my family!

How does it work?

Shopping from the app is so easy! Download the app for free from your app store.

Then once you log in, search for your favorite blogger in the search bar under “influencers.” To find me, you will search “The_Bluegrass_Housewife”. Its the same as my Instagram username.

From there you will see my posts. It will look like this!

Click on the outfit that you are interested it, and it will give you direct links to the difference pieces worn in the picture. It really makes online shopping so easy and fun, without sending you on a wild goose chase trying to figure out where to buy clothing.

Another way to shop is to download the app – when you see a picture you love on instagram if it has the #LTK and it tags in the comments, that means the pictures is enabled for the app. You just simply take a screenshot of your favorite pictures, open the app and it will pull up the posts of your screenshots.

Shop on the Blog

You can also shop from my blog too! I will now be posting all of my outfits in a weekly post, with everything linked. I will start posting that on Fridays along with any great sales that are going on that weekend. Make sure to sign up to get emails on the side bar here —> that way you are emailed whenever there is a new blog post!


I’ll also be sharing everything on the Gram. I LOVE instagram stories. They’re my new favorite. I’ve been in love with them for a long time but I’ve found myself watching Instagram stories more than TV lol. My bio on Instagram has a link on it. If you click that link you will find a couple options: Shop Beauty Products, Shop My Instagram (the app), and a link taking you here to the Blog 🙂 Ahh technology! Seriously, it can’t get any easier than this.

I hope this helps you and if you have any questions, let me know! See you next week!

Mell 💋