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LimeLife by Alcone Starter Kit

LimeLife’s Starter Kit is packed FULL of goodies. One thing that makes LimeLife”s starter kit stand out amongst others is that it only has full sized products. No samples! Not only is the kit STUNNING in presentation but it gives you a taste of everything that LimeLife has to offer, in order to get your new business off on the right foot.

LimeLife’s starter kit offers both skincare and makeup, as well as catalogs and other business materials to help get you started. The kit comes in four different shades: light, medium, dark, and deep. The kit contents are as followed

All of the kits come with skincare, the selections with the skincare does not change based on the color of the kit. So with that said, lets check out what color do change based on which kit you order: Light, Medium, Dark, or Deep

Starter Kit – LIGHT

Perfect Lipstick – #100 “Knot Telling” & #203 “Pinkies Up”

Perfect Lip Gloss- “Grace”

Enduring Lip Color- “Creme Brûlée”

Enduring Lip Line- #02 “Light Nude”

Perfect Blush- #01 Alive and #05 Blushing

Perfect Bronzer- #01

Starter Kit – MEDIUM

Perfect Lipstick -#103 “Paint the Town” & #201 “Prim and Proper”

Perfect Lip Gloss -“Peace”

Enduring Lip Color -“Macaroon”

Enduring Lip Liner – #01 “Dark Nude”

Perfect Blush – #03 “Possible” and #07 “Peachy”

Perfect Bronzer – #03

Starter Kit- DARK

Perfect Lipstick – #101 “Down and Flirty” & #207 “Berried Away”

Perfect Lip Gloss – “Faith”

Enduring Lip Color – “Cocotini”

Enduring Lip Linr – #01 “Dark Nude”

Perfect Blush – #09 “Boom” and #11 “Pop”

Perfect Bronzer – #05

Starter Kit – DEEP

Perfect Lipstick – #105 “Black Cherry” & #200 “FemFire”

Perfect Lip Gloss – “Bliss”

Enduring Lip Color- “Berry Coco”

Enduring Lip Liner – #06 “Grape”

Perfect Blush- #08 “Slam” and #10 “Oh Snap”

Perfect Bronzer- #07

Beauty Guide Perks

In addition to getting a starter kit that is packed full of goodies to help get your business started off on the right foot, and you get to pick which kit works best for you, there are also other perks of being a Beauty Guide. One thing I forgot to include on the graphic is any products you want to order, you pay wholesale prices! To learn more about perks of becoming a Beauty Guide, check out this blog post!

Why now is the time to start your own virtual beauty franchise

Forbes Magazine said that the best time to join a company is where they are in the midst of a global expansion and when new products launch. At the time of this blog post, LimeLife has expanded into: UK, Spain, Brazil, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, and Ireland. LimeLife will expand to even more countries throughout 2019 and 2020.

LimeLife also has new product launches twice a year: a spring launch and a fall launch. You can check out our spring launch in this blog post here.

How you can be successful as a LimeLife Beauty Guide

– Daily group trainings and weekly corporate trainings that help you succeed in your business. Everything from makeup application techniques to how to file for taxes. There is so much training, if you have a question, we’ve got you! With the amount of training there is, you can’t possible watch it all. You pick and choose which topics are best for you at that time!

– Group chat and groups. When you sign up under me, you will be included in my personally enrolled group chat. We are there for support, answering questions, cheering each other on in our victories. We wont let you fall!

-Be coachable. There are countless trainings that we provide on how to be successful in this business. There is no secret to being successful in network marketing. You just have to stay consistent and be coachable, meaning taking the advice that people give you and applying it.

-NEVER COLD MESSAGE ANYONE! This was honestly the one thing that led me to be more attracted to LimeLife vs any other company. We PREACH never spamming people you don’t know. We don’t want you sending random Facebook friend requests and then messaging that person a copy and paste message. Yuck!! We want our Beauty Guides to build genuine relationships and then when their friends are interested in products, building a skincare regimen, or makeup routine that will be best for that individual. I’m not spammy y’all. I can’t, I wont. And I don’t want you to either!

Ready to Sign up?

Ready for a change, to improve your financial situation, and make some great new friends? You can sign up here! Where you do, send me a message, or email me and I’ll help you get started on your new journey!

Have more questions?

Feel free to contact me! I would be more than happy to answer any question you may have!





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Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you).


5 Crucial Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Joining a Direct Sales Company

Direct sales, multilevel marketing, network marketing… whatever you want to call it, is taking over, and there’s a reason why! People are making money through these companies, in their spare time, as a “side hustle” or they’re working them full time. These companies are no gimmick! 82% of women who make $100K+ per year do it through these home-based businesses.

The business market is changing. With more and more brick and mortar stores closing and shopping from your phone is the new norm, it couldn’t be a better time to take your slice of the online shopping pie.

It seems like everyday, a new company, with a new product comes out of the market. So I’ve compiled a list of five crucial questions to ask yourself before choosing which company you want to represent.

1. Is the industry sustainable?

Whatever the product is that you’re looking into, make sure that it isn’t just a trend. Beauty products, weight loss, oils, patterned leggings, what have you, take an honest look at the products sold and determine if these products will stand the test of time. Trust me, they all won’t.

2. Are the products consumable?

In order to sell products and make money, you need to make sure that the products you offer will eventually run out. The goal is to have a consumable product, meaning your customers try it, love it, and when it’s gone, they want more!

3. Do the products bring your customers value?

Again, playing off the consumable part, your products have to actually work. You want your customers to be repeat customers. Plus if your products don’t work, then you are just ripping people off, and you don’t want to do that!

4. Is the company credible?

With home based businesses becoming ever more popular, lots of new businesses are popping up. You want to make sure you sign up with a company that is going to stick around and also has its sales field’s interests at heart. Do your research and if it’s a company who was just founded and only owns a multilevel marketing company, do some digging on the CEOs. You don’t want to damage your reputation because you decided to represent a company who was unknowingly untrustworthy.

5. Are you required to keep stock of inventory?

This one is a big one and where people can get themselves into trouble. Some companies encourage or require their sales field to purchase products up front, and then find people to buy them. Sometimes people either want to hit promotions in the company, or whatever their reason and they chose to buy lots of stock…only to find out they can’t find anyone to sell it to. One of the benefits of joining a direct sales company is that there’s is usually a small fee to join, sometimes a small monthly fee, but at the end of the day, it is little financial risk. Buying hundreds or thousands of dollars in products up front is NOT what you’re wanting to do. Plus, companies who encourage their sales field to stock inventory, are looking to make money off their salesman, not the clients. That my friends, is a HUGE red flag!

How I answered these questions

In 2017 I decided to join my first direct sales company, LimeLife. LimeLife has been a game changer for so many reasons for me, but all that will have to be on another post. I wanted to give you the example of how I answered these questions for myself before I joined:

1. Is the industry sustainable – The makeup industry is one of the most rock solid sales industries in the world.

2. Are the products consumable – The products offered by LimeLife are professional quality products. That means that they offer higher pigmentation than high-end brands with comparable pricing to those products.

3. Do the products bring customers value – Clients worry less knowing that LimeLife skincare is all natural, and that the makeup is paraben free. The skincare is very effective and the professional cosmetics provide women with more self confidence.

4. Is the company credible – LimeLife was founded by Alcone. Alcone is a staple in the professional cosmetology world. They have been offering movie and theatre cosmetics to industry professionals since the 1950s. When LimeLife was founded, it was the first time that everyday men and women were able to purchase these products.

5. Are you required to keep stock – Absolutely not! It is something corporate warns not to do when you’re a beauty guide. Also, buying stock just to promote within the company is against compliance.

If you have been considering becoming a Beauty Guide with LimeLife by Alcone but have more questions, leave me a comment here, send me an email (address in the contact section) or find me on social media. LimeLife is in the middle of a global expansion so there has never been a better time!

Click this link to sign up to start your very own home-based business!

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019

There’s a reason that people go all out for Mother’s Day, our mothers do so much for us! They deserve a gift that is perfect for them! I compiled a list of great Mother’s Day gifts…let’s check them out!

1. Ember Ceramic Mug – starts at $79.95

Y’all, this mug is a temperature controlled! You can set your precise drinking temperature via the app, and the mug will maintain that temperature for about an hour. It automatically wakes up when your hot beverage is poured in, and it remembers your last preferred drinking temperature.

2. Custom Handwritten Jewelry – prices vary $25+

Handwritten jewelry is all the rage right now. You can get personalized messages on necklaces, bracelets, and rings. So sweet right?!

3. Spa Night at Home – $82

A facial is great, but being able to take those products home and use them over and over again is even better! This all natural skincare is vegan, paraben free, and leaping bunny certified. There are collections for both oily skin and dry/mature skin, so you can be sure to get the right products for the mother in your life!

4. Cleaning Service – $100 and up

Hold up! Did you know you can get a cleaning service on Amazon?! Yep, it’s true. You type in your zip and it shows you what services are available in your area. Give that momma of yours a day off with this service.

5. Terrarium– $20 and up

I actually gave my mom a terrarium for Christmas. You can get all the supplies at Target (minus the succulents…at least at mine). They have lots of different glass terrariums to match your mother’s decor. All you need is some gravel, a bit of dirt, and succulents of your choice. Plus you can tell your mom you made it yourself! … You’re never too old for your mom to want a hand made gift.

6. Lip Gloss Collection – $68 *limited collection

Freshen up your mom’s look with those new lip gloss shades. These glosses are non-stick and the pigment stays once the gloss wears off. Say what?! It’s true! This is a collection of 7 mini glosses, and once the collection is gone, it’s gone. If your momma loves beauty products, she’ll be sure to love these.

7. Infinity Roses – $125 and up

Want to give your mother a year long reminder that you’re her favorite? These flowers stay fresh for a year! I don’t know what kind of witchcraft makes that happen. Any way it happens, if you give her these, you’ll definitely be at the top of her favorites list.

8. Cookware Set – $199

If your mom loves to cook, a new cool set will be perfect for her! I personally have this set and I LOVE it! Food doesn’t stick AT ALL and that weird little bent spatula thing is my favorite tool ever! It comes in multiple color options and there are many different set options as well.

8. Instant Pot – $69 and up

Another idea for the mom who loves cooking. Pressure cookers have been around for a while but they are the hottest cooking craze right now!

9. Himalayan Salt Lamp – $19.99 and up

Bring some zen to your mom’s life with a Himalayan Salt Lamp. These lamps clear the air, help reduce odors and are said to have some health benefits!

10. A good book!

A good book for by the pool, or swinging on the porch this summer! Whiskey in a Teacup by Reese Witherspoon is a light hearted fun read. It has everything from childhood stories to recipes! Michele Obama’s new book, Becoming, is very popular right now, as well as Rachel Hollis’ books: Girl, Wash Your Face, and Girl, Stop Apologizing!

11. Stainless Steel Wine Glass – $26

Don’t let you mom’s day drinking be ruined by her wine getting warm! This stainless steel tumbler will keep your mom’s drink of choice cold by the pool, on vacation, or even just in the backyard.

12. Cute Earrings – $16

Cute accessories are always a hit with me! Big earrings are my jam!! Pink Lily is usually my go to boutique for cute over sized earrings. So many cute styles to chose from!

13. Bath Bombs – $12

These bath bombs contain Pomifera Oil, which is rich in antioxidants and Omega-6. There are 3 different scents: eucalyptus, lemongrass, and lavender. Bathe in eucalyptus to invigorate your senses and relax muscles, lemongrass to cleanse skin and produce a radiant glow, and lavender to relax your body and calm your mind.

14. Hand Painted Mugs – $41.99

I can’t with how cute these mugs are! Each stoneware mugs is unique and dishwasher safe.

15. Garden Greeting Pot – $20 *limited edition

Adorable and painted by hand, these colorful planters are a perfect gift! They’re only offered for a limited time so make sure you get one before they sell out!

I hope all you amazing mothers have a happy Mother’s Day and all you awesome kids, spoil them like they deserve!

‘Til next time,

Mell 💋


Tips for an Extroverted Housewife

Let’s face it, being a housewife can be lonely and depressing. Yes, you may have a gaggle of kids running around *coughs 5* but no matter how many little ones you to talk to, how many adorable moments you see in your day, sometimes you just need a pick me up!

I’ve compiled a list of things I do to help me emotionally get through my day:

Ten Tips for an Extroverted Housewife

1. Wake up before the kids!

Yes, I know the baby wakes up early and you stayed up late hot gluing your son’s science experiment while binge watching Netflix. However, getting up early and having a couple minutes to yourself before having to face a day full of poop diapers, and sticky fingers will make all the difference. See the picture above, that’s me! Soaking in the day, drinking coffee, centering myself before tackling the day’s activities.

2. Open the blinds every morning!

The number one tip for fighting depression is to open the blinds. Don’t believe me? Look it up!

3. Get out of the house!

It’s hard to get out of the house, I know, I know! But it’s worth it. Even if you don’t have a dollar to spend, take a walk at a park. Don’t have any gas? Take a walk around the neighborhood but take a different route because you’ll get tired of your neighborhood too. Change it up! The more you change it up, the happier you’ll be…and your kiddos like to see new things too 😉

4. Get involved at your kids’ school.

Join the PTA. Become a class mom, even if you can’t be at all the parties because you have other littles at home 🙋🏼‍♀️, you can still be involved in the process, planning, making goodie bags, organizing the layout, calling other parents.

5. Find a group of women online that have similar interest.

I’ve done the whole, local moms group thing…several times. I’ve learned, I’m just not one of “those” moms. But I have found some AMAZING supportive moms online. Baby Center and Facebook groups have great groups that you can join.

6. Join a network marketing company!

Say what?! Yes! I joined LimeLife specifically to make new relationships, to have something solely for me, and to give me a reason to talk to other women. LimeLife sells professional cosmetics and all natural skincare. If that’s not your jam, there are a bunch of other companies that sell just about anything you can think of. Plus making a little extra money never hurt anyone 😉

8. Have a gratitude journal.

Remembering what your grateful for is crucial in times you aren’t feeling happy. We are all blessed beyond measure but sometimes it’s hard to see that. I LOVE the 5 minute journal. It’s has quick prompts that you fill out in the morning at at night. It take 5 minutes total and it has been a game changer in my life. I bought mine off amazon.

9. Do your hair and makeup everyday.

The better you look, the better you feel. Life is crazy but a little mascara and lipstick go a long way on how you feel.

10. Last but not least, schedule some time for yourself!

I’ll be honest, this one doesn’t happen for me a lot. My husband works so much that I feel guilty leaving him with the kids by himself (I know how much work they are), and honestly I want to spend that time with him too! However, every once in a while I make it a point to go out with the girls. Even if it’s only twice a year, even if I have to put it on the calendar a month ahead of time. You have to make time for yourself and your friends…that isn’t centered around your family.

Take these tips and run lady! Life is too short to be down in the dumps.

‘Til next time!

~Mell 💋