LimeLife by Alcone’s Top 10 Products of 2019

Every year LimeLife by Alcone’s CEOs put on their very own award show called the “Golden Robe Awards.” This hilarious informal Facebook live is pure entertainment for everyone in the company. The CEOs, Michelle and Madison, announce the company’s best selling products. The tallies are in and we officially have LimeLife by Alcone’s top sellers of 2019! Of course, not only will I announce what the products are but I’ll show you how well they work because, well that’s way better than just looking at packaging right?! We want to see what all the hype is about! So without further ado, I present to you LimeLife’s top 10 selling products of 2019!

10: Perfect Blush

These blushes are amazing! Highly pigmented, finely milled, and come in 11 different shades for all skin types. The other thing I love about these blushes in you can get them individually or you can order them in a palette with 2, 3, or 6 wells. The more you buy, the more you save! These palettes are magnetic so when the old blush is empty, pop it out, and just replace that one blush vs having to replace the whole palette. My go to palette is this 3-well palette with my translucent setting powder, blush, and bronzer all together. Check out Adrian with her palette, it’s a must have!

9: Sotoks

Sotoks is like Botox in a bottle! It lighten, tightens, and brightens! It contains Songyi Mushrooms extracts that relaxes facial muscles which causes fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains Millet Seed Extract which combats stress-induced aging markers and restores the cells to their normal state. Another active ingredient is Pullulan. Pullulan is a rare sea algae that is clinically proven to tighten the skin. Here are some of the amazing results of Sotoks!

8: Skin Therapy

This rich moisturizer is perfect for dry skin! It has hydrating ingredients, such as Safflower Oil, Evening Primrose, Pomegranate Sterols, and naturally occurring sugars. Plus, Oat Protein calms and soothes. Skin Therapy will immediately and visibly restore dry, aged, and inflamed skin.

7: Dream Clean

My favorite face wash of all time! While its promoted towards oily and acne prone skin, it works well for all skintypes. To see how it can help with oily/acne prone skin, check out THIS POST. I have very dry skin and use this face wash daily. In fact, my skincare routine contains #7 Dream Clean and #8 Skin Therapy. It’s no shock to me that these amazing products hit the top 10 list!

6: Perfect Lipgloss

These lipglosses come in a beautiful tube with a jeweled top. They are not sticky at all and smell amazing! Not to mention 18 different shades to chose from!

5: Perfect Mascara in Black

This is actually the ORIGINAL one step fiber mascara! Classic black made the Top 10 list but it also comes in Brown, if that’s your jam. I love the formula of this mascara. It’s water resistant, not waterproof. So it wont come off when you sweat or cry, but you wont need to take a sander to your lashes to get it off at the end of the day! Those aren’t falsies, girl! 👇

4: Enduring Lip Color

I love how my favorite products are popping up on this Top 10 List. Enduring Lip Colors are by far one of my favorite products that LimeLife makes. It’s LimeLife’s liquid matte lipsticks. They’re absolutely incredible! They wont dry out your lips, last a solid 6-8 hours, and they’re not a stain. All of the Enduring Lip Colors are a matte except one, Wedding Cake. Oh, I forgot to mention, they smell heavenly!

3: Complete Concealer

I’ve never used a concealer that covered so well with using so little! This concealer is water resistant (hello pool, lake, beach, sweating at the gym!), long wearing, AND it is an eyeshadow primer! The concealer I use every single day lasts me a solid 8-10 months! If you want to see what concealer will work best for you, you can take this Color Matching Quiz.

2: Perfect Eyeshadows

These shadows fit their name, perfect! They are so smooth, pigmented, blend-able! They’re amazing! There are 36 shades to chose from. You can get them individually, in a 4-well, 6-well, or the Mack daddy 18-well palette, completely customizable! For some eyeshadow palette inspo, head over to my post How To Save Money On Makeup. This was one of the more fun looks that I created with these shadows.

1. Perfect Foundation

Not only is our foundation #1 in our sales, but it’s been the #1 selling foundation world wide for over 50 years! To learn all about it go see my post, LimeLife by Alcone Foundation 101. I mean, look at my before and after! This foundation is most amazing foundation I’ve ever used and I feel like I’ve tried them all. Light weight, full coverage foundation that’s paraben free and noncomedogenic. To take the foundation color match quiz, CLICK HERE!

There you have it, LimeLife by Alcone’s top selling products of 2019! If this Top 10 list inspires you to try something new, don’t forget that LimeLife has a 30 day money back guarantee and free shipping starts at $77! What’s better than risk free??

See you next week!

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