Fall 2019 Makeup Collection

Every year, LimeLife collaborates with a new professional makeup artist to develop their fall line. This year, things went in a bit of a different direction. While LimeLife is a professional makeup company, women’s empowerment is at the heart of the company. That is why this year, the celebrity collaboration was none other than gymnastics gold medalist, Aly Raisman.

Aly is not only a gold medalist, she is also an activist, author, and role-model. She is a reminder that we are all more than what meets the eye. Aly’s values and what she stands for perfectly aligns with LimeLife. She wanted the collection to be called “Fierce,” a tribute to the name of her book and her team, “The Fierce Five.” You would think with the name of Fierce, she would go with bold and bright colors. Instead she wanted to go more natural because she says, “Even if your makeup is subtle, it can still make a statement.”

Let check out Aly’s collab!

Included in this collection is three LIMITED EDITION eyeshadow palettes, six lipsticks, and four double ended eyeliners. The launch is being split into two dates. Eyeshadows and lipsticks are available now, liners will be available soon! So while we wait for the liners, lets take a better look at the shadows and lipsticks!

*UPDATE- the liners are now available! You can see them HERE.

Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palettes

There are 3 eyeshadow palettes. These palettes are perfect for on the go! A palette with a mirror, 3 shadows, and a double ended eyeshadow brush. This is a great way to start your makeup collection or to throw in your makeup bag for after the gym, or a work trip!

These shadows are HIGHLY pigmented and are professional grade! The packaging also comes with little holes behind the shadows, so if you want to pop out a shade and pop in another LimeLife shade, it will fit perfectly and you can have a great personalized palette. To see more about personalized palettes, check out This post.

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know I love a good swatch and a true test of what these colors can do. Here are some swatches and also some looks made with these palettes!

P.S. I love how Aly chose inspiring messages to go on the packaging and in the names of the shadows.<3


Aly loves to wear natural makeup so she decided to do a few different shades of nudes. Nudes for every skin tone 🙌

Those names 😍 *swoon*

It’s all so gorgeous! I can’t wait until the eyeliners come out! I don’t want to dangle something in front of you that you can’t get so I’ll wait. But y’all! They’re amazing!!

Here’s a sneak peek

Don’t forget that when shopping at LimeLife and everything comes with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee! Plus free shipping at $77! So it’s seriously risk free!!

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Til next time,

Mell  💋

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you).

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