Back to School: Makeup for Teens

I hate to say this, but summer break is almost over! Whyyyyyyyy?? Actually my kids are on the brink of mental meltdowns from being around each other so much… so I think it’s perfect timing for kids to go back to school! Getting ready for a new school year means new clothes, new shoes, and new makeup for teens!

I know some teens like to do a glam YouTuber style look but most teens do a subtle look, as they are transitioning between childhood and adulthood. *totally channeling my inner Britney Spears! Any other 90s kids out there?

These are great staple products for both glam and subtle makeup teens!


The best way to great makeup, is great skincare! Breakouts can be a struggle with teens. By far the easiest and most effective cleanser for my teen is this Charcoal, Peppermint, and Tea Tree soap. It only $14 😱 This all natural soap contains activated charcoal which draws bacteria and toxins out of the skin and then Tea Tree Oil works as an antiseptic!

If your teen really struggles with acne, I have a whole blog post about that here.


I LOVE LimeLife by Alcone’s foundation! The number one reason I love it for teens is because it’s noncomedogenic. What that means is that the makeup won’t get absorbed by your skin. It won’t settle in your pores causing more breakouts. The foundation works perfectly for all skin tones and all ages. If you want to get color matched, check out this post. Check out these before and afters!


Brows are everything right now! They’re so popular, every teen is going to want a great brow! For those who has very sparse, thin brows I recommend a brow pencil. It won’t sweat off, and you can give your brows the shape and the look that you’re going for.

If fullness isn’t your issue but just needing them a bit more filled in and those stray hairs controlled, I recommend brow gels!


Fiber mascara is amazing but not everyone has time for multiple steps, that why you want a one step fiber mascara. This is actually the ORIGINAL one step fiber mascara! It comes in black and brown, for a more subtle look.


Lip gloss is perfect for teens! Let’s be honest, Lip gloss is perfect for everyone! LimeLife offers a wide range in colors for lip glosses. Literally something for everyone! These glosses are not sticky, smell great and come in a beautiful jeweled tube.


If you’re looking to get a whole face of makeup, check out the Teen Collection. Its even named after them! The Teen Collection includes a foundation, 2 concealers, a powder of your choice (setting powder, blush, or bronzer), 2 eyeshadows, and a lip gloss. you can read more about that on this post!

I know buying cosmetics online can be a bit nerve wracking but LimeLife offers a 30 day 100% money back guarantee no matter what! Plus free shipping starts at $77!

Have a happy school year friends!

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Til next time,

Mell 💋

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you).

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