Beginners Guide to Makeup Brushes

Watching makeup gurus on YouTube, you would think that everyone needs a million and one makeup brushes to do their makeup everyday. That’s not really necessary. How many brushes you have isn’t as important as having the right, good quality brushes.

Some things to know:

If you haven’t been getting the makeup looks you want, it very well could be the brushes you use. I wasn’t able to achieved the looks I wanted until I got more specific with the brushes I chose.

A good quality brush will last you a lifetime with the right care!

I am going to mark the brushes that are my favorite.

All of the tools I am mentioning in the article are from LimeLife by Alcone. The brushes are professional tools, they are handmade, and have a weighted handle. They are synthetic, vegan, and leaping bunny certified.

Synthetic brushes don’t have a cuticle so they don’t absorb as much product as natural brushes.

*Brushes that I use everyday

**All time FAVORITE brushes that I can’t live without

**Tapered Powder Brush #01 – The tapered shape of this brush head allows for precise placement of powder, blush, and highlighters. I love this brush so much because the “pointed” tip of this brush allows me to put my translucent powder perfectly underneath of my eyes to set my concealer/foundation.

All Over Powder Brush #02 – Okay so this brush is HUGE! Like legit, palm sized. It’s perfect for using setting powder all over your face to set your makeup.

*Angled Blush Brush #03 – Use to precisely apply bush to cheeks with this angled brush.

Foundation Brush #04 – This foundation brush was created to flawlessly apply Botanical Foundation. Gently apply a thin layer for a sheer finish or build layers for more coverage. The bristles have more of a slick feel, than a fluffy feel.

Buffer Brush #05 – A very popular brush that people love to put their makeup on with. It works well with wax, liquid, or cream foundation. Use it to stipple your foundation on and then use in small circular motions to buff your foundation into your skin.

Concealer Brush #06 – Smoothly apply and blend concealer into desired areas and effortlessly conceal blemishes. The firmer density of the bristles allows you to choose the amount of concealer that you desire. Again, slick bristles vs fluffy bristles like in the foundation brush.

**Large Shadow Brush #07 – Use this to apply eyeshadow to the entire lid evenly and smoothly. It works really great for those who like to use one eyeshadow, or to use for your base layer of eyeshadow.

Dome Blender Brush #08 – The small, dense, rounded head of this brush was designed to emulate the touch of a fingertip. It works well for packing on eyeshadow for a more dramatic look.

Angled Shadow Brush #09 – Use to precisely apply eyeshadow to the crease and corners of the eye for a defined and dramatic look. The perfect tool for a second layer of eyeshadow colors.

*Pointed Blender Brush #10 – Another great brush for working eyeshadow into the crease and for blending out eyeshadow. You can also use this brush to contour the face!

Smokey Liner Brush #11 – Perfect to smudge out shadow or liner to create a professional, yet simple, smoldering eye. I also love this brush for applying shadow to the lower lash line.

Bold Lip Brush #12 – Define those lips like a pro with a lip brush!

Angled Liner Brush #13 – Use to fill in brows or for eyeliner using eyeshadow. Wet this brush to make your shadow more pigmented. With this brush you can turn any eyeshadow into the perfect eyeliner color for your look!

**Brow Tamer Brush #14 – Tame eyebrows with one end and use the other end to fill in sparse areas using a matching shade of eyeshadow. A must-have for every woman. Seriously! My favorite brush of ALL time!!

Bent Liner Brush #15 – Create a smooth, clean-cut line with this conveniently bent liner brush. Use wet to transform eyeshadow into a liquid liner.

*Fan Brush #16 – Set makeup or apply powder to the chest, décolleté, collar bone or body. I also LOVE this brush for bronzer! I use it to easily contour my cheek bones.

Diffuser Brush #17 – Evenly apply cream or powder based products to the entire face while blending and diffusing harsh edges and lines. It’s like the mommy of the #5 Buffer Brush

**Highlight & Contour Brush #18 – Naturally and precisely apply bronzer and highlighter to cheeks for a perfectly healthy looking glow. This was one of the brushes that changed the game for me! Being super precise in my bronzer and blush gave me exactly the look I was going for.

Small Tapered Powder Brush #19 – The tapered shape of this brush head allows for precise placement of powder, blush, and highlighter to effortlessly contour facial features such as the eyes, nose and cheeks.

**Small Shadow Brush #20 – Last but certainly not least, the small shadow brush. Precisely blend eyeshadow to create contrast and define eyes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this brush for adding darker colors on my lids. This way I can be precise with my dark color and not look like I had a black eye.

Looking at a list of 20 brushes may still be overwhelming, so luckily LimeLife has broken the brushes down into Collections. These are bundles of brushes that will save you money. Check ’em out!

YOUR EYES ONLY COLLECTION: The perfect collection if your eyes are the main attraction. This collection includes our best-selling eye brushes to help you create an endless variety of looks with precision and control. Includes: #15 Bent Liner #07 Large Shadow #09 Angled Shadow #10 Pointed Blender #14 Brow Tamer

ESSENTIALS COLLECTION: This collection contains the essential brushes needed to apply a flawless, everyday look. Whether you are just starting your brush collection or are adding on, these brushes are necessities. Includes: #03 Angled Blush #04 Foundation #06 Concealer #01 Tapered Powder #07 Large Shadow #20 Small Shadow SAVE: $36

BRUSH UP COLLECTION: The perfect collection to take your makeup application to the next level. This collection includes best-selling brushes for your eyes and complexion. Includes: #17 Diffuser #05 Buffer #14 Brow Tamer #20 Small Shadow #06 Concealer #03 Angled Blush #07 Large Shadow #16 Fan #18 Highlight & Contour #04 Foundation #09 Angled Shadow #10 Pointed Blender  SAVE: $64

PRO ARTIST COLLECTION: Have it all with the Pro Artist Collection. This collection includes all 20 Classified Brushes, a Blenderful non-latex makeup sponge, and a free Bend & Snap Brush Roll to store all your tools in one. Includes: All 20 Classified Brushes Blenderful Free Bend & Snap Brush Roll SAVE: $104

Makeup brushes can be an investment, but like I said earlier they will last forever if you take care of them. To see how I wash my brushes, check out this blog post.

I hope this post helped clear up some questions for you on what all these dang brushes are for.

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Til next time,

Mell 💋

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