How to Save Money on Makeup

Over and over again, I bought a large eyeshadow palette for just a few colors. I may as well have been flushing my money down the drain with all the eyeshadows that I’ve never used from these palettes. Luckily, LimeLife has solved that problem for us! LimeLife has customizable palettes! You can get their eyeshadows individually, as a 4-well palette, 6-well palette, and the big daddy 18-well palette.

When you order your favorite eyeshadows, they come in a clear clamshell packaging, you’ll take them out of their clamshell and pop them into your magnetic palette, in the order you like. The clamshells are 100% recyclable and help reduce waste.

There are 36 shades to chose from and that can seemingly make unlimited palette combinations. I’ve complied some images to give you inspiration for your palette! All the shadows have both a name and a number. Here is an image that provides both, Incase you need to refer to it. Next to the number you’ll find a letter, S- stands for shimmery, M- stands for matte. The variety of shimmer and matte professional eyeshadows are packed with pigment for a color-intense payout that applies evenly and blends beautifully.

Here are some suggestions based on eye color:

Pop of pink:

Smokey eye palettes:

Pastel Me About It, High Koala-ty, Ready Jetset Go

Sweet Dreams, Rise Colored Glasses, In Sequins, Blush Hour, Pastel Me About It, Dial It Black

Cheer on your favorite NFL team

Rose gold Palettes:

Fall Palettes:

Bold Pops of Color

Sweet Dreams, Radio Star, Jessie’s Girl, Electric Avenue
Cream Boat, Electric Avenue, Avolways Loved You, Dial It Black

Raspberry Beret, Centerfold, Blondie, Jessie’s Girl, Flash Dance, Electric Avenue

Raspberry Beret, Centerfold, Blondie, Flash Dance

Neutral Palettes:

Spring and Summer Palettes:

Highlighting Shades

Shadows that can best double as an eyeshadow and a brow powder:

This is my favorite way to fill in my brows! Use our Brow Tamer brush and setting spray to make

your perfect brows last all day!

I hope you enjoyed all of these inspiration pics! What were your favorites? I love pops of color! I

especially love matching my eyeshadow to my outfits. I talk about that and give more inspiration here.

LimeLife also has customizable palettes for complexion, as well as customizable skincare lines!

To shop for your eyeshadow palette, click here! After you chose your colors, let us know which ones

you chose! We’d love to see! Join our community and beauty convos in our Facebook group!

‘ Til next time,

Mell 💋

Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you).

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