Best Tip Ever for Making You Look Put Together

Two things that I love:

1) Heading to Pinterest for outfit ideas

2) Matching my eyeshadow to my outfits

Looking put together doesn’t have to be difficult. There’s one simple tip….are you ready for it? Matching your eyeshadow to your outfit!

Not only is it just about the easiest way to look put together, it’s also a great way to keep changing your makeup look so you don’t get stuck in a rut! If my dress has pink in it, I’ll put on a pink eye shadow to match. Wearing leopard print? Put a brown shadow on your lid! It’s so easy, yet so effective!

I love visuals so I made these, loved them and decided to share them. I originally shared these pairings with my friends on Facebook. Everyone loved them too, but wanted to know where to get the clothes. Unfortunately, Pinterest has great clothes inspiration, but does not necessarily tell you where to get those clothes. Being a people pleaser, this didn’t set well with me. So I decided to create more outfit and makeup pairings, this time I used outfits from my friend’s boutique. The clothes are adorable, the quality is great, and I love support small businesses!

Without further ado, let’s check them out. This first group are my Pinterest inspiration:

So cute, right?! Unfortunately, I have no idea where any of those outfits came from. The next group of outfits and makeup inspo has a known source, and I’ll be linking everything below!

You can get all of these adorable at Urban Elements Boutique. They have so many cute clothes and accessories! The eyeshadows are all LimeLife by Alcone. They are highly pigmented shadows that can be bought individually, in a 4-well palette, 6-well palette, or an 18-well palette.

There’s are 36 shades to chose from! I love building palettes with the shades I love and use the most. I’ve wasted too much money on buying palettes for one or two shades. Problem solved with these customizable palettes! Check out all these amazing shades you can build palettes with! *drool*

Plus, when you get any customizable palette, LimeLife sends you one of these cute drawstring makeup pouches!

There you have it! My number one tip to looking put together. What are you favorite “hacks” for making people believe you have this whole life thing under control? Let me know in the comments!

‘Til next time,

Mell đź’‹

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