How to Clean Makeup Brushes and Sponges


We always hear that we should clean our makeup brushes regularly, but we don’t always know why. There are a few reasons that we clean our brushes regularly:

  1. It will make your brushes and tools last longer. A good makeup brush should last you virtually forever.
  2. A dirty makeup brush will cause you to not have to makeup look you are going for. A dirty eyeshadow brush will cause your eyeshadow to look muddy and that perfect blush color may not look so perfect when its mixed with your old blush color because of a dirty brush
  3. Most importantly, bacteria transfer. When we apply makeup we are getting our bacteria and facial oils on our tools. We need to clean our makeup brushes regularly to keep it sanitary. Also, if you suffer from acne, its important to clean your tools to help cut back on breakouts.

Here are my two tools to clean my brushes: Clean Act and a Brush Egg.

Clean Act is a chemical free, vegan brush and sponge cleaner. What I love about it is that it not only cleans your brushes but it also conditions them and restores them. Its brought some of my old brushes back to life! It uses Tea Tree Oil and Natural Coconut Oil to clean and sterilize your brushes and sponges. You can get it here.


The Brush Egg is a silicone brush cleaner. It pretty much just gives you texture to rub your brushes against in order to help clean them. They my sound like its not important but it greatly sped up my cleaning time! It is just big enough to slip two fingers into. I love it because it has two sizes of texture. Stripes for bigger brushes, and little granules for smaller brushes like eyeshadow brushes. I ordered mine on Amazon HERE. Its only $4.99 for the pack of 2 and they ship free for Prime members.

I love the little egg because it is easier to store but if you want a great silicone cleaner mat with more surface area, this one is really great and only $6.99 plus it ships free with Prime. You can get it HERE.

Cleaning Your Brushes

PSA: my fingernail polish is chipped and my hands look like man-hands (Seinfeld reference), we can’t all be perfect 🤷‍♀️

  1. Get the brush wet. Now this is actually important. All brushes are made the same way.

Picture c/o

You want to make sure you keep the water away from where the Ferrule meets the Handle. If water gets in between the Ferrule and the Handle, it could loosen up the glue that holds the handle on and may eventually fall off.


2. Swirl the brush around the Clean Act puck. Only a couple swirls is enough. Going around and around in the Clean Act too many times will make it hard to clean out all the soap from the brush. Plus it wastes the cleaner. A little goes a long way


3. Rub your brush against the brush egg until your bubbles turn white. You’ll easily be able to notice when you brush is clean. Occasionally you may have to repeat this process if your brushes is super dirty.

4. Rinse your brush. Again, making sure we don’t get water past the line where the Ferrule and the Handle meet. Make sure you rinse your brush out really well. If you leave soap in your brush it will feel “crunchy” when it dries.


ALL DONE 🙂 Simple, right?!

Cleaning Makeup Sponges

It works essentially the same way but it’s a process that you will repeat over and over until you get even the inside of your sponge clean.

1. Soak your sponge

2. Press the sponge into the Clean Act, circling around the container a couple times.

3. Squeeze sponge over and over again and even run water over it while you squeeze it.


4. Repeat this process a few times and you’ll have a sponge that looks brand new!

Drying the tools

During the cleaning process I lay my tools flat to dry on a clean wash cloth or towel.

Once they are no longer dripping wet, then I put them back in my handy dandy makeup brush roll and let them stand up while they air dry.

I do recommend washing your brushes at night so they can dry over night. Your biggest brushes may need even more time than that to dry.

If you want to see all of this happen in a video, check out my YouTube video showing how I clean my brushes.

What are your biggest tips for cleaning your tools?

Til next time!


Disclaimer: In the name of full transparency, please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you).

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